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I have been a very infrequent writer. My blog lies dormant for a good part of the year and only sees sporadic activity. Over the years, friends and readers have encouraged me to write more often. I have held back for several reasons, primary of which was the desire to treat my blog as a journal of personal reflections, unintended for public consumption. I was always surprised when someone told me they read and liked a particular post. 
But as I was going through some of my older posts on this blog, I read a comment by someone who noticed that I wasn’t writing as often and was appreciative of helping them discover the music of an artist I deeply admired (no prizes for guessing who I’m talking about). I received a handful of other messages on similar lines. 
I got to thinking that if my reflections, personal as they might be, can help someone at a juncture in their lives, or even merely resonate with them, at a single point in their day, it’s a meaningful difference I can make, that I do not want to miss out on. I do not overestimate my meagre abilities in any way, but it would do no good for me in hiding them, and bring no glory to my Creator in suppressing them. 

So, I’d like to talk more. Share more. And perhaps, influence more.